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Pregnancy is, by far, one of the most amazing and special times in a woman’s life. The joy, wonder and many other emotions are incredibly powerful. That also includes a fair amount of stress and even fear. Is everything going normally? Is my baby healthy? Am I doing everything I should be doing?

If you live in a remote area, far from your doctor, these fears can become even greater… And that is why, we designed the Bell Health App, a powerful app that helps you to monitor and helps maintain a stress-free pregnancy and allows you to communicate easily with your doctor. The Bell Health App is easy-to-use, and keeps you in contact with your treating doctor at regular intervals or when you are feeling anxious or stressed. It helps to monitor you and your baby's health 24/7, even in the most remote locations in India, so that you can enjoy your pregnancy fully.

Developed by a team of physicians, with compassion, empathy, caring and concern for patient care, and using cutting-edge healthcare technology, Bell Health app helps in monitoring your health, pregnancy and your unborn child. To find out more, and to enjoy a stress-free pregnancy, click the video links to know more about how Bell Health app can help you.

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