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Elder Care and Monitoring

The one thing that does not have an expiry date is a parent’s love for their children. Most times, parents do not express their concerns fully with their children for fear of troubling them.

We understand that when parents are living far away, every child wants to take care of them and their well-being. Are you concerned about the health of your parents? Does staying away from them keep you bothered about their health? Now, you can remove that stress and have peace of mind with the Bell Health app. Bell Health is especially designed to monitor health of loved ones in real time.

You only need to download this application on your parent's phone and add yourself. After that, it will feel like your loved ones are living close to you. Whether it is blood pressure, blood sugar or diabetes or any health-related issue, this app helps to monitor and provide information on their health, no matter where you are. You can monitor heart rate, sleeping, walking, exercise, calories, quantity of water consumed and much more with a single touch. You can also set reminders for medication, or regular activities such as exercise, walking, etc. Not only this, but the app also helps connect with the doctor.

Developed by a team of physicians, with compassion, empathy, caring and concern for patient care, and using cutting-edge healthcare technology, Bell Health app keeps you connected with your loved ones even when you are living far away. To find out more, and to enjoy a stress-free life, click the video links to know more about how Bell Health app can help you.

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