Delivering Health - Patient First!

The Bell Health App was designed and is developed by healthcare professionals to monitor your health or your loved one’s health to deliver health insights 24/7. With the Bell Health App, you can set goals and monitor activities like exercise, sleep, walking, water intake and it can also help in monitoring pregnancy, to lead a stress-free lifestyle and to lead a healthier and happier life. This is more important now than ever because our culture is finally moving into an age of preventive care instead of sick care. Health and wellness are now not just for the sick. Now, it is important for everyone. Leveraging advances in technologies, the Bell Health App is a user-friendly application that makes it as easy as possible to use and takes a more active role in managing health.

The Bell Health App is a keeping Patient First app. Our services include recording, tracking, and sharing health and wellness insights to you and your loved ones or healthcare professionals in real-time. The Bell Health App syncs directly with fitness devices and other Bluetooth enabled devices to capture their information and provide insights.

Wellness, Pregnancy and Child Health Monitoring

Whether you want to focus on your own health or the health of your loved ones, the Bell Health App monitors health and provides real-time insights on wellness and health 24/7, wherever you live. This is more important now than ever because our culture is finally moving into an age of preventive care instead of sick care. Health and wellness are no longer just for the sick. Now, they are important for everyone.

Personalized Health Insights

With our years of experience in providing patient care, we believe every individual is different, and personalized insights make the difference and are the way forward. We analyze your data, healthy habits, daily exercise, sleeping, walking, water consumption to provide personalised insights, information, and guidance on how to improve your health and live more healthily. The app also sends medication reminders and advises when it is best to see a doctor. With personalized insights, the Bell Health App helps for stress-free pregnancy and child health.

Realtime Connect with Family or Friends

The Bell Health App is an Integrated Digital Health App, it connects with loved ones in real-time to monitor their wellbeing and reach them to check how they are doing, no matter where you are. The Bell Health App is a comprehensive app for the family that helps in monitoring health, enables stress-free pregnancy, child health, and connects you with your doctor or healthcare provider. Stay connected to have an engaging conversation on how they are doing and what they should be doing to live better.

Connect with your Doctor...

All of us want to be healthy. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have learnt just how vulnerable many of us are when fending off disease due to our own health challenges. The Bell Health App enables connected care to share health and wellness data in real-time with your doctor or healthcare provider to review and provide you with personalized advice on safety and wellness. The Bell Health App provides a secured channel to connect with your treating doctor to minimize the exposure and transmission risk of COVID-19 to both you and your healthcare professionals.

Medication Reminders

Estimates show about 55 percent of seniors do not follow doctors’ medication instructions and tend to forget to take their medicines on time. With our busy lives, we tend to forget to take the given medications on time or completely forget to take it. Taking our medication on time is key for successfully managing a disease or condition. We at Bell Health, understand the patient challenges, and the Bell Health App is designed to notify and remind you to take your medication. The Bell Health App keeps track of whether you adhere to the medication schedule and provides an analysis report.

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